Your event is an investment and hiring Spot-On! DJ’s is a must! There are NO do-overs!

Do NOT hire a budget-friendly, low-end DJ that will make your event memorable for all of the wrong reasons!

Spot-On! DJ’s is an exceptional DJ Company that consistently receives 5 STAR positive feedback ratings!

Take your event to the next level. Your event’s success greatly depends on hiring an exceptional DJ that listens to YOU and understands YOUR vision for YOUR event! It’s not about us…It’s YOUR party!

Expertise, professionalism, passion, and attention for detail are all hallmarks of Spot-On! DJ’s! Don’t know what music vibe you’re looking for? Spot-On! DJ’s provides expert music consulting for your perfect playlist.

Spot-On! DJ’s have spent many years playing open-format music genres for 1000’s of events, large, small and of all types.

Do you want that club vibe? Spot-On! DJ’s are expert mixologists. Spot-On! DJ’s can seamlessly mix the music and have the ability to slay any dance floor! Plan your next your next event with Spot-On! DJ’s and you will have a party of a lifetime! YOUR event will be remembered for all of the RIGHT reasons!

Anti-discrimination Policy

Spot-On! DJ’s is committed to creating a culture that reflects the diversity of our clients! With that goal in mind, we encourage our employees to understand, accept, and celebrate differences among people. We welcome everyone and prohibit all discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, religion, physical ability, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender.

LGBTQ+ – Wedding Certified

Spot-On! DJ’s support the right of all couples to legally marry. We are proud to be course certified as approved for LGBTQ+ wedding and events by the Equality Institute.


Less is more! It’s YOUR event. We are not the center of attention. Spot-On! DJ’s will provide professional, courteous announcements throughout your event…without the cheese factor!


We always use the best sound and lighting equipment in the industry. Our set-up is always clean, neat and professional, with no unsightly wires or cables.


Spot-On! DJ’s offer the industry standard Chauvet DJ Freedom Par Hex-4 uplighting light units. These units are the most colorful wireless, and battery powered lighting options available in the market.


There will be the first initial interview meeting where we will get to know each other and discuss your vision and important details for your event. Our meeting can be in-person, virtual or phone call. Hopefully, Spot-On! DJ’s is a good fit for your event and you would like to book! If so, we’ll sign the contract, and you’ll be sent a welcome email, questionnaire about your event, and a music request worksheet. Throughout the process, we’ll have open communication to address any questions, recommendations or concerns.

Spot-On! DJ’s will contact you within 4-6 weeks of your event date to schedule our final planning meeting to go over all of the important details of your event.


Spot-On! DJ’s always arrive 1 ½ – 2 hours before the scheduled start time of your event to insure that everything is in place and professionally set-up prior to your guests arriving to your event. Set-up & breakdown time is always included in your quote! There are never any hidden fees!


Spot-On! DJ’s are professionals in every way. We know how to communicate with your guests in a respectful manner. We have worked with many of the top venue managers and other professional vendors in the hospitality industry. Spot-On! DJ’s believe in a TEAM effort to make your event spectacular, and memorable for all of the right reasons!

Do Not Play List

Spot-On! DJ’s respect your wishes and will never play any songs or artists that are specifically on your Do Not Play List(s).


30% retainer deposit required at contract signing. The balance is to be paid in full prior to 7 days before your event.

Contact us today to learn how we can help make your next event a smashing success!